Android: How Google Conquered the Smartphone Industry

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  • Kyle

    I can imagine that one meeting… "*all these extremely big countries sitting next to eachother* "whaddya think? what should we call it?" "THE OPEN HANDSET ALLIANCE!"

  • Adrian Shaw

    That was a seamless sponsor tie in…. #ISeeWhatYouDidThere… great work as always.

  • Rhino Alestorm

    And people prefer apple…

  • Demon Moore

    Enjoy the videos; as a musician, my favorite company to research in business admin was "Guitar Center". Would love to see a video outlining the rise and sudden decline of my favorite music store. Walking in a Guitar Center is like the Walmart or BestBuy of musical equipment. Thank you and "Peace!"

  • Samuel Jackson

    Yeah Sidekicks, those were great, I had one and it lasted a while


    The economics of the two OSs'
    Android : Market Share
    iOS : Profit Share

    Result : Consumers do have a wider choice, but those who buy iphones want long term support and reliability, Android users have wider choices but, the OS support from non-pixel/nexus devices are crap.

    So if you want a good phone, you'll have to pay the price…

  • BadKnightLv01

    iPhones are for old people, and people who are slaves to trends and have trouble thinking for themselves

  • ItsMoi Moí

    Android always ahead of it's time

  • Tyler McHenry

    Ironically, that "silicon valley" building you X'ed out in 1989 is neither Google nor Apple but Microsoft.

  • Dave Davies

    The Google G1 (HTC Dream in the USA) was launched in Europe several months before the iPhone hit the streets here.

  • Rena Chan

    Thanks God Google saw the potential of iOS and not laughed about it (Ballmer, this one is for you).

    If Microsoft had put more effort in Windows Phone maybe we could have 3 systems sharing the market right now, competition is always great.

  • Konata Izumi

    Well…you pay for what you get…

  • Tera Volt

    Thank you again Google, one of the best companies that actually work to innovate the world and give us something back rather than those grubby fuckers at Apple.

  • derick inoc

    Now do a video on toys r us’ decline 😀

  • Winston Shih

    Blame it on tim Cooks lack of creativity

  • Trapsleepz

    I think in a few years Android Is going to be making iPhones 😂

  • Derek Peevey

    Android is an OS only. And yes it runs on a lot of phones. Because it is cheap. The biggest problem is the updating. A phone that is one year old at the release of a new android OS might take another year to get that update.
    It might sound like android and iOS are direct comparisons, but since android runs on so many phones while iOS only runs on one make of phone, it is not a real direct comparison. Each phone maker tweaks and changes android to what they want. So not all android phones are the same. They might be close, but that is not the norm. Yet all apple products are alike.
    It would be as if each car maker did things different in their cars. So you might know where the blinkers are in your car, in another make they are in a different place.
    Now all that can be a good thing. Or it can be bad. Android is slightly more flexible then iOS. But iOS is more stable.
    It is a give and take. I wish I had the money to own multiple phones. I think some android features are nice. But I enjoy the worry free part of iOS.

  • Localos Salos


  • gabie dubin

    please do more videos like these , and do them on more alcohol drinks and stuff

  • Sait Sami Kocataş

    I don't think considering android is being the only os as a monopoly is correct since it is an open source project and most of the hardware manufacturers are already changing the os by their needs to incorporate their devices. If we think about linux there is no single kind in fact there are many variety of distributions which is developed by different people and offer solutions to users, some of the distributions target the same user group and some targets different kind of people. It is much more fuzzy and needless to say it is much better for fast advance of technology

  • ナコルル Princess

    I only wish Google would sort out the bloat ware issue.

    They shove every single one of their apps onto the phone as 'system apps' meaning you can't uninstall them unless you're rooted or running a custom OS.

    Also, I wish root was either standard or simpler… I wish it was a check box in settings or in recovery.

  • yolomancer play's

    Sooooo anyone has a kindle fire

  • Apollo Gaming

    Imagine how that girlfriend feels

  • Katalabix

    I love my Android phone.

  • Augie Espinal

    Watching this on my Google Pixel XL running Oreo 8.0

  • Yung loud

    Can you do a rise and fall of EA SPORTS NBA LIVE VS NBA 2K its a lot of information out there especially from early 2000s until now there sales have to be down for basketball

  • Steven Gauna

    I don't use Google for everything. I hate the idea that Google's goal is to centralize the net and future tech.

  • Sudhir Kashkari

    It will always be duopoly between iOS and andriod

  • richard343s

    It's worrying that Apple is the only company that stands in the way of Google controlling all smartphones

  • Dead channel _


  • ouro

    These video seemed so educational and professionally simplistic…. then the random anime thing makes taking these videos less serious.

  • Jason Bryd

    I mean, duh android would come out on top. Cheap tracfones run Android so most people might start out with an Andorid, and get used to the layout. Plus, with the Galaxy S line by Samsung offering something that isn't quite that cheap. The people that love material things now have an alternative to apple that's almost as overpriced. Ironically, I'm typing this on a Galaxy s5 active, but I'd rather use my LG Lancet for Android because for some reason my Galaxy uses 1.4 gigs of its 2 gigs of ram all the time. Even if the phone is idle with all connections turned off, the brightness down and you know the whole deal. One might argue "Oh. It's because it's outdated." My parents have s7's and even their phones are pretty slow. The fall of Samsung? Is that going to become a thing? I hope not. I loved my HTC phone, and I love my LG I have on the side. I'd miss TouchWiz tho.

  • Bad Incorporated

    I remember Droid. It was soooooo cool. It looked so EEEEEDGYYYYY

  • Morrís

    Really great video! Fantastic work!

  • Brisk Pace

    great channel, perhaps a video on Virgin ?

  • Jacob Pritchett

    1:38 Tony Fadell did NOT create the iPhone—he led one of two teams within Apple tasked to create a phone. Tony's team was told to expand the iPod and its OS with phone capabilities, while the OTHER team (led by Scott Forstall) was told to shrink the Mac and its OS down to work in a phone. Apple let the two teams each compete to produce the better product, and Scott's team won, which is why iOS shares its underlying tech with macOS. Tony's team lost, and their project was abandoned. (This might've played into why he ended up leaving Apple.)

  • Patrick Jensen

    Android uses a linux kernel, thats why it's have to be open source. Good luck trying to use a linux kernel and not making it open source.

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