Google Pixel – 6 Months Later

The Google Pixel is still going strong despite being out for 6 months. It works well with all networks–if you get it unlocked you can use it with Sprint, T-Mobile, …


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  • joe watson

    Bad info. Works with all networks. Do your research.

  • Nickoy1 Channel

    bit rate of you camera is not very good

  • SteelPhoenix21

    Google Pixel can be used on any network. Google fi uses Sprint and T-Mobile network btw. I have my Pixel on Tmobile in NYC. You should consider switching to Tmobile the plans are really great.

  • CaptainAshra

    came for pizza. stayed for tek

  • mall231

    hi I have just got the pixel,when I get a text message with a phone number I can't seem to be able to press on the phone number and call it does this happen to you? thanks

  • Tim Brock

    phone works with all networks, I use mine with Cricket that piggybacks Att's network. You can buy the phone directly from google.

  • Julio César Perdomo

    Not true about locked phone. Best Buy Mobile has the unlocked version

  • Sam. S

    Nice info….thx ..cheers !!! Keep up the good work👍

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