Google Pixel Launcher Overview!

Here’s a first look at the leaked Pixel Launcher from Google! This launcher will most likely be released with the new Pixel Phones coming soon. Download links …


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  • Gaurav Sonthalia

    Which phone you have used in the video ?

  • Benjamin Disciple

    How can l get a swipe left for Google now?

  • Dhanaryo Wilson

    Thank you very much!! Liked and subed 🙂

  • Ang Potato

    why am I here I have a Google pixel phone?!😂😊

  • name

    no options for 'OK Google' voice search.
    Who cares about auto wallpaper options?? This is USELESS (at least for now)

  • Marwan hisham

    it isnt available


    Hi Admin Can u please tell me, this Luncher Best for Redmi Prime 2 device ….. please Give me your Suggestion.

  • Jerry Tagle

    Good launcher so simple. While TSF launcher is flat out more beautiful than this. Hopefully devs will update Tsf To Nougat.

  • Henning Andersen

    can you get to the Google now screen quickly somehow, like you do on the other Google launcher by swiping left? I thought I saw a setting for it in your video, but when you series left on your home screen it didn't seem to show?

  • Maegan Green

    anyone with this pixel phone have trouble changing font style?

  • Dirk TripleD

    The phone dialer is the old one, isn't it? Is it version 3.00.00? I am using Cyanogenmod 14.1 (Android 7.1.1) an there is phone dialer 7.0.141193972 installed likewise. I do not know which one is better. There are some different settings between them. Are you able to swipe to the right to get the news which were available with Google Now? This feature is not working here (Nexus 5 & 7 2013 LTE).

  • Muhammad Qasim

    can we get Android nougat notification panel on Android Android 6.0.1 device.

  • Unknown User

    i dont know why i like the zenui more than any other launcher not even the nova launcher

  • Axel Köhler

    1. There is no need for a button to get out of the app drawer as you already have two: the home button and the back button.
    2. The daily change of the calendar app icon is not new at all. It has been like that for a long time.

  • Schroeder M. Schulz

    finally a tech video that not came from india…

  • Jitendra Jena

    customising nova launcher into pixel is the best…but in pixel launcher,the icons don't look like pixel icons…so u have to install icon pack

  • Ronald Walls

    my weather on home screen says 72 sunny and it is 33 and cloudy. what is wrong with it?

  • Vishal A

    My phone is running 6.0.1 and it's a moto G4 and it's saying it's not compatible with my phone please help!!!!

  • Writer

    What do the emojis look like tho?

  • Mandy RVS

    it's not working on my phone it's force stopping

  • Devendrasinh Rana

    From where can I get link to download the launcher

  • Apple an'Droids

    how the hell do i uninstall this

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