Google Pixel XL vs Nexus 6P – Speed Test!

Google Pixel XL vs Nexus 6P – Speed Test! The problem is that 6P’s are cheap on Amazon! US: Connect with us on Instagram …


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  • Oxygendroid :v

    google pixel :v

  • Leo Leandre

    so slide me that 6p for free

  • Satheesh Kumar

    6P is fast. 13 months, just after warranty bricked as it was lying on the table.

  • vahid Hoseiny

    I always check the site you look at.
    Very good.
    I realize I have a Nexus 6p. For years, I used the Nexus phones. Do you recommend that I buy a Nexus phone instead of pixels?
    I thank the post read.
    If comment, not written properly, I'm sorry. Google Translate app does not support enough of the Persian language.

  • Ori Levy

    stop complaning about 120mb im lucky to get 40 i pay for 200

  • Evan Oliver

    I agree, it's ridiculous to still have to manually update google services.

  • Zade Muhammad

    Still using Nexus 6P and loving it with Android 7.1.1 I have the Pixel launcher and Google assistant. Android O on the way.

  • Dehar1 Elezi

    6p its good phone but pixel its newer.F9r me the best phone its iphone 7 which will be the best phone for 2 years maybe more

  • Bimo Wicaksono

    after saw this video im thinking to cancel my intention to buy pixel xl, nexus 6p has better price performance ratio… and i love the stereo speaker

  • oihjammu

    The google play store has a auto update option it has been there for quite some time

  • Chris Davis

    I own two Nexus 6ps… I love the phone – just absolutely easy to use and for the price, it is impossible to justify purchasing anything else. I have owned Notes, Apples and such, but for me, Nexus 6p is amazing. First phone that I don't need a case or a protective shield for – just feels amazing and natural in the hand.

  • Prem Magar

    not gonna lie I remember last year before the 6p was launched it was getting alot of hate. now that android fanboys have got one after the price drop everyone is loving it. 😂

  • TheGeekSoup

    very disappointed in google with their update on 6p.

  • jamari !

    im still rocking a nexus 5

  • Suvadeep Nag

    that noob..

  • Nikhil Bhagia

    Nexus 6p is still good option

  • Gerardo Loera

    Nexus 6p or Z5 premium ?

  • Richard Oldroyd

    I love my Nexus 6P. I shoot all my videos on it.
    I now hardly never use my PC.

  • 102 Hung


  • John Lee

    Your video was badly put together, didn't really declare a winner and was poorly commentated in my opinion

  • tdsora

    clear your cache before you run these tests on the browser

  • michael hammond

    6p screen seems more vibrant than the XL

  • Parag Butle

    which wifi r u using???

  • Zencann

    I'm still going to buy the 6P because I'm not gonna pay an extra 300-400 dollars to spare me a few seconds of speed. That's just dumb.

  • Sasi Kumar

    hey tech trinkets whether Nexus 6p bends and how about your use of Nexus 6p for a year?

  • techinfo

    class my nexus 5x is faster then both of them i did a speed test and it won i love me nexus 5x like if you still rock one i booted it on the same time

  • heybigmista

    you had two more apps open on the Nexus …

  • Todd Moore

    if you own a 6p it is DEFINITELY NOT worth it to upgrade.
    the Pixel is not optimized at all, the apps load faster only because of the faster processor.
    also the reviewer needs to have both phones set up the same (i.e. have Gplay services updated)

  • Alejandro Avendaño Serna

    Dislike por ese acento tan horrible y detestable!

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