I Tried Android for the First Time

Our video editor, Andrew Evers, decided it was time to ditch his iPhone 6 Plus and take the Android-powered Nexus 6p for a spin. Read more on TechnoBuffalo: …


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  • JC Jacquet

    I've honestly felt the same way when I switched from Android to iOS. There were so many times that I wanted to chunk the damn phone across the room. No dedicated back button. The fact that the locations of various options and buttons (like the freaking back and continue buttons) vary between apps, was absolutely INFURIATING. Also, over all, iOS just felt stale and boring to me. There was hardly any customization and I'm not talking about changing the icons or the interface. I'm talking about things like integration between different apps, app cohesion, automating certain functions with one button push or gesture, or even something as cool as making a function that turns on your flash light with a simple knock on the screen when the screen is off. This is stuff iOS can't do and it's what disappoints me about iOS. iOS is nice when it comes to apps and having a more beautiful interface, but it lacks the kitchen sink full of customizable functions that Android offers, which makes the iPhone feel too basic and restrictive.

  • Famous Jack

    Modern day version of the Golden Rule;

    Did you know there is now a modern day version of the Golden Rule? It says that "He who has the gold sets the rules". Who sets the rules for you? Your supervisor? The company president? The government? Whoever sets the rules has great power. Sometimes we feel like that particular person has too much power and control over our lives. We long to be that person who has the gold and sets the rules.
    On the highest level, God is the one who sets the rules and has the greatest power over us. We make choices in life, but He is the ultimate boss. Through the prophet Isaiah, God told us to "maintain justice and do what is right, for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed. Blessed is the man who keeps his hand from doing any evil." It's good to know that God is kind and just. In our daily decisions, we need to follow God's rules that are found in the Bible. Hopefully, you follow those rules in grateful response to Christ and what He's done for you, not in an effort to earn your way into heaven. Sometimes when people around us are flaunting their power, it's easy to forget who is ultimately in control. I challenge you today to obey God's rules for your life. Turn your situation over to God. He is in control. "There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, 'Thy will be done,' and those to whom God says, 'All right, then, have it your way.'"
    Isaiah 6:3
    And they were calling to one another: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory."

  • Richard Vanwinkle

    Wait for 4 months and see how the android is still running. Force closures are on the way.

  • Scott Bandoiler

    I switched to android recently too

  • André Aguiar

    Not knowing your passwords it's not a Android problem. It's your.

  • dumbasPL

    I hate apple

  • Martin Kincl

    An iOS fan will start to like Android after a week.
    An Android fan will start to hate iOS after a week.

  • Beenthere Donethat

    Don't waste your time. It's like trading in a BMW for a modded Ford Focus, the cool running lights might thrill you for a while but in the end a Ford Focus, no matter how many bells and whistles you add, just can't match a BMW.

  • Sam 1

    Omg he had to enter passwords !!!!! I feel so sorry for you. Fuck android

  • Savage toney

    You should of tried samsung its way better with passwords and stuff like that and you can transfer you stuff to the phone I use a s7edge .samsung pass is a life saver its save all passwords and smartsave and chrome too

  • Great Papyrus

    ur going back to ios becuze of the iphone X

  • CnE Pup

    Like most apple user you're a tech poser. That's why it took you so long to learn.

  • TheSecondWin Second

    iPhone Boy!!

  • Paul B

    Slow down mate, you'r speaking far too quickly, a fault with many Americans.

  • Shreyans Chordia

    he likes something in ios but is better in android but ios is better but android does things better…
    this guy is a nightmare 😂

  • Centerology

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S8

  • The Roblox Gamer

    In the thumbnail he looked like everything apple pro that is why I clicked it but it was someone else

  • Pierre

    nice tesla !

  • daniel jones

    You break like shit.

  • Smokey Bear

    He was filing at Irvine spectrum and garden grove near my house in OC

  • Cak

    What the fuck is up with the frame rate of this video?

  • Abdullah U

    LMAO he got the Cue ball in in the intro

  • John Kyon

    This video was uploaded 1yr ago

  • hector ponce

    simple what Samsung said DO MORE android it's for smart people and not shortcuts 😁

  • Zeau Tees

    So, this guy is 10 years old?

  • Xonar

    'No physical homebutton'

  • I Love yeyo

    Alcatel …. for years, same phone, and it has ame worthless shit as any other phone …. Instagram Viber Skype some shitty games … all same worthless shit, but Alcatel cost like a bloaf of bread … then why need to spen so much money on very same stuff when you can buy it for almost nothing ?????

  • Mr Mysterious

    This guy doesn't seem too bright.
    Transitioning to android from iOS is not all that different.

  • Kenneth Dunn

    Not knowing your passwords has nothing to do with ios or android

  • 🐍Edensnake🐍

    Only iPhone uses could get upset that messages received were green instead of blue

  • Shashank Tiple

    I switched from Android to IOS 3 months ago and that was a mistake i am regretting now.

  • Ben B

    Your friends got mad at you because your messages appear green instead of blue? What the fuck is wrong with people?

  • Sjrick

    If i was in that line waiting for your selfish ass for 15 minutes you wouldnt have a phone to worry about

  • Rkezrk meitei

    I phone build quality good and smooth operation system. But Android can do multiple of work than ios and that is very need to day to life. Android is more helping to people. I want to say both the system or device is great,good and we used it by our purposes.

  • Scott L

    The take away from this video is that if you're going to switch go ahead and get all your passwords properly documented before hand. I think everyone would already know that. Are you even changing your passwords on a routine basis if you have no documentation on what they are. Obviously you're not using any kind of password safe

  • steven s

    Fuckin adverts

  • Steve

    You spent a minute complaining about not knowing your password thats ur fault my dude. Ur not really a tech guy it seems like u had no idea what you were doing the whoke time. I think this is all a lie, your not going back to Android ever and thats fine by us.

  • Jay Tee

    I have PS3, PS2 PSX, N64, SNES, NES, Wii & Atari games on my phone.
    #Androids KICK iOS any day of the week

  • jade le

    Well at least u try it out that a good thing. . I'm not iphone person.. to many Asian ass think iphone is all that .. my inlaw is alway iphone iphone. . Is give me a migraine. ..

  • Mineav

    From the icon, I thought it was the guy from Linus Media Group (Linus Tech Tips, etc.).

  • Nafobian YT

    i switched to iPhone and realized Android just isn't my style. Go iOS

  • Kamen Kunchev

    Take it easy about the Home Button 🙂 Apple have removed it from their latest phone 🙂 I guess using Android for a while got you ready for that.

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