iPhone 8 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – ULTIMATE SPEED Test!

iPhone 8 Plus vs S8 Plus – SPEED Test with FULL Benchmarks, covering RAM Management, CPU & GPU performance, SSD Speed, Fingerprint Speed Test …


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    This is it! The World's Most In-Depth SPEED & PERFORMANCE Comparison between the iPhone 8 Plus & the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

    12 hours later and the video is finished 🙂 Leave a link if you've enjoyed it, and I'm off to bed. See you guys tomorrow! 


  • ep010

    Fantatstic this Apple Samsung hate here

  • pussy cat

    But ingame iphone crushes some game and the samsung run the smoothlyy

  • stephen birdista

    Samsung is better for
    1.screen brightness&size
    2.a lot longer life battery
    3.lower price
    4.sharper camera,better zoom
    5.galaxy gift
    6.More durable(more water resistance&stronger when impacted)

    Apple is better for
    1.A lot faster processor chip
    2.apple app benefits
    3.smoother experiences
    4.face id
    5.better video

    This is my opinion so far.

  • Jeeyabul Mustafa

    samsung means hang😂😂😂

  • Гагашп Ьагашсшм

    SAMSUNG SUPER💋👄💋👄👍👍👍👍💗💗💗💞💕💖💝💞

  • Гагашп Ьагашсшм


  • Reply

    How come this video doesn't have that many views? Or likes? This was a very good video.

  • ash is

    So the iPhone won the speed test. Yaay for faster texting and faster phone calling. Now what?

    Point is that the iPhone will always be faster because it does not have half the features of the note 8, which means less processors running and less services. Plus Android OS is not designed to be running only on Samsung. With that being said… IOS has more advantage because it only need to be optimised to run on iPhone of which Apple still fails of making it run smoothly.

  • Ariel B

    Great video 👌🏼

  • Romario Seaton

    Great video Daniel. Keep up the good work. I like how thorough u are. Samsung sacrifices good internals for a pretty phone. That sucks. I'll never go back to an android period!! Apple forever.

  • Bogdan Alexandru

    Hey, have you turned the graphics on the S8 at maximum on games? Cus they are normally on low-medium. The IPhone developers had them optimized for the best looking result / smooth framerate.

  • Jeffrey Heister

    Use the note 8!

  • William Ferreira Martinez

    Note 8 win a iPhone 8

  • Sherin Jahan

    Compare with Note 8 LMAO !

  • Mockeez Kusain

    Thanks for this video… See u soon i8plus… Can't wait

  • rwartim

    I agree Daniel. My Samsung Galaxy s8+ is also very laggy. Something i never had om My iPhone. Bugs the crap out of me, since its one of their latest flagship. Just normal daily tasks and it lags.wish they would make some sort of software update for this…

  • whatztube

    Is the S8+ on Qualcomm or Exynos?

  • sonictonic

    Props for being so thorough! 🙂

  • Robberick

    Funny how quiet the Samsung fans are in the comment section of this video

  • Reija N

    Could you please do a speed / performance test onto iPads running on ios11?

  • Bannicus

    How do things turn out if you don't include games? They always seem to be slower on Android but when it comes to the apps people actually use, it doesn't seem like that big a difference (on previous iPhones that is). It'd be worth making a video of that cause it's more relevant to people's regular experience.

  • Tech Fo

    pl plz note 8 vs iphone 8

  • JR III

    s8 plus is best

  • Donkey Mule

    Meanwhile Apple users still find it difficult to distinguish between the iPhone 6 and 8 haha

  • Nathanael Valentino Kristianto

    Samsung has the amoled display with greater PPI of course its slower

  • atziazas

    But… but… “raw specs”!!! Lol

  • Bill H

    No contest, droidbois. You can cry in all that beer you saved buying a second rate phone.😂

  • Victor Perez

    Ok let's figure out!! The iphone is faster when it comes to open games right?? But the s8+ is better when it comes to open Snapchat fb internet Instagram Twitter??? Come on who cares about opens games when you have the latest console!!!

  • kshomshch

    Poor kids' Samsung got destroyed, as always, LoL 🙂

  • Ahmed Shaikh

    I agree with the asphalt 8 view. It was so good before when they had just made it free. Now it's just bloat. There's no mobile racing game worth playing rn imo. The racing genre has been quite stale for a while.

  • Mohammed Abdulla

    Samsung is very dangerous
    Because when it’s hot it explode but apple doesn’t and apple is better

  • RND Vlogs

    My s8 is way better than yours why

  • RND Vlogs

    Why you compare on speed all speed compare to somthink els

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