iPhone X – One Month Later

After using iPhone X for a month, I go over my experience. iPhone X Screen Protector I use on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2zXhRm7 iPhone X case I use on …


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  • cuezaireekaa

    Gonna hang on to my 7plus 256 for now. Thanks for this recommendation

  • Mafr0

    Can't wait to see how hideously slow these iPhones Xes will feel when using iOS13. My 6s feel ancient on iOS11, but at least its got a home button and a headphone jack for a little bit of bullshit free-dom

  • Mark

    that notch is ugly as fuck, you should try it without the notch it looks so much better there an app that takes the notch out with a black bar across the top looks way better

  • Chelsea Gonzalez

    This makes me want to get an Iphone X

  • TechRandom610

    The iphone X is a beautiful phone, I don't own it played around with my friends. It works so fluently and most apps of not all are customized to it already. But I don't think this phone is worth 1k when it's almost the same besides 3 features from the 8Plus and for people who want to keep there phone longer than a year. "Usually2 years for me" it will last longer durability wise. Cause most likely there will be a problem battery or screen "burn in" possibly that would need to get fixed and that's 500 bucks to get fixed even if u have Apple care on your device. Besides that Touch ID is way faster than Face ID for now and more reliable in certain situations in y opinion. It's great but not perfect. So I'm going with the 8 Plus coming from a 6s Plus

  • John Ward

    Returned iPhone X

  • Sam Leenerts

    Put night shift on all of the time to lessen the stain on your eyes

  • Waldo Guzmán

    I can afford the iPhone X but it’s too much money for a phone 🤔

  • TalsVids

    I to like the notch/sensor bar.

  • Egg Plant

    The problem is the size of the notch. It's way too big. I had to returned mine and get the 8 plus instead. I just don't think I'm ready for the gestures on IphoneX yet. Having a home button is a lot more convenient at least on my part. The notch could be better.

  • Andy Brunelli

    Do you use Apple Music?

  • akiey

    U never used screen protector?

  • Reply

    Much love from Ukraine!

  • Louis Xu

    I just think that people is not gonna notice the notch at all because your eyes are there only when you check the time, wifi or battery. Other time your eyes will focus on the middle part which is the main part of the phone. Unless you wanna check time your eyes go there.

  • Matt Zomb

    I picked up the iPhone X on the first day and used for 2 weeks, but I couldn't stand the eye-strain the display gives. So I swapped to iPhone 8 Plus.

  • Struggle Bus

    I am experiencing severe eye strain and headaches in all manner of viewing conditions with the X display. I also find the elongated aspect ratio to be unsettling to me for some reason. It seems too unnatural. Returning tomorrow for an 8 plus.

  • Me Me

    It’s strange how I pay so much attention to what people have on their home screen 🤔

  • Sammy Sanchez

    Dim blue gamma to a warm white if eyes hurt

  • HD

    Stopped watching as soon as I heard he liked the notch for its uniqueness. Trying too hard. I neither like or hate the notch but I do believe it is a compromise just like the camera bump. Eventually they will get rid of both.

  • Ali Wz

    You like the notch haaa !! 😅😅

  • qUantUmpants

    All the crazy things people invent that they think bothers them😅 its your brain fooling you man, norhing wrong with the display:-)

  • Jorgo Çaraoshi

    Hi Aaron ,, i just installed the lirium info app. to check for battery life , and whats strange is that sometimes it shows 92% and sometimes 87% or 83 !! why ? how accurate this is ? thanks.

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