realMyst – Android Trailer

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  • BethDeth77

    I feel like Long Duck Dong from 16 candles when he says "I have never been SO happy in mah HO LIFE!"

    I feel that too. 😍Thank you NoodleCake Games!

  • King Heinrold

    the game name in german translated to english is "real shit" or something like that 😂 look up the translation of "Mist"

  • NoLie6

    Now there is Myst for Android to play on tablets or phablets:
    I loved it so much on PC at that early times. Its atmosphere with grafics and sounds was extraordinary. Now I was again at Myst island. Good that most of the puzzles need to be found again, because meanwhile I can not remember them:-)

  • panatha tube

    Good news… Although i would prefer the traditional prerendered graphics… even if it wasn't "real".

  • Federico Durán

    15 years ago I had to upgrade my PC to play this (still have the boxes on my bookshelf).
    Now I can play it on my phone.
    I expect to play it again on my cortical implant in another 15 years.

  • Martin Adams

    Hell yes! So surprised to see this amazing news, the game looks fantastic. Great work Noodlecake, thanks for bringing it over to android!

  • sleepyfish

    Omg memories! Awesome. Please put it on iPhone!

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