Samsung’s Note 8 and Google’s Pixel 2 in the wild! (Googlicious)

In the summer of leaking, the Note 8, Pixel 2 and LG V30 are all invited. Plus, the Galaxy S9 onscreen fingerprint scanner could come to the Note 9 instead.


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  • Paradox

    2:20… Titanium Gold? Samsung, learn your elements!

  • Steve I

    Your hair looks like a skunk

  • Reply

    Brian is the sexiest Cnet rep

  • Ricardo Medina


  • DonAtella Steele

    Dude! Met him at Comic Con! Also Note 8 is Life

  • MrViral20

    I don't understand why any of us need to allow this to happen….first Apple, now Motto with their Moto Z, and now Pixel 2….this is a domino effect that's going to affect other manufactures as well I wouldn't be surprised if HTC, LG and even Samsung start doing this, why is this happening? because we are allowing it that's why, they think this is ok, well it's not and these companies will never understand unless you speak with your wallet, support the other manufactures that have not fallen for this BS this is the reason I went OnePlus, they have a beastly phone that still has a headphone jack, I was really contemplating if I should go Samsung this year but I am even afraid of doing so because I feel they will fall as well….

  • Campbell Lund


    Windows phone.

  • Kevin Lau

    I can't wait to get the Note8.

  • Nicotine Oob

    Note 8 > galaxys8

  • Sethu Senthil

    An update to the intro would be lit!

  • Brodie Dooley

    If the Pixel becomes Androids version of iPhone guess I'm going to Samsung

  • Built From Bricks

    Testing the 8 right now.


    The saddest part about Android users is they can't go a comment section without talking about iPhones.

  • Kingslayer

    Could care less what the haters say about design, design, design, design. I'm not a shallow, insecure poseur like many of you here. Inside, baby. Inside is what matters like the inside of your body. 

    Hardware-wise: Note8
    Software-wise: Pixel 2

    I prefer software experience. I don't like Samsung jank. Ruins the experience. Pixels on Verizon is the only way for me to go to. I passed my fickle stage of switching brands, OSes, and networks. Stick to one. Don't be LeBron, Kyrie, or KD. 🐍


  • Kingslayer

    HTC is still making a Pixel 2 but the smaller one. All the design cues come from Google. Not HTC or LG. 

    People so obsessed with the exterior like women doing Botox. But when they don't eat the right food, they die faster. It's the inside that counts. Need to take care of that foremost. 

    It's the same design as the 1st gen. What's the big deal? You people think is ugly like it is the first time you ever seen it. My Pixel is the greatest phone I ever had and on the greatest network I ever had, Verizon.

  • Leo Nazario

    Its Becoming like the IPhone 7.

    Headphone Jack!

  • Baback Ashtari

    We have the latest YouTube update here in Armenia as well.

  • piercedliquidnipples

    How can the style of the videos/intro/graphics/music be so bad? Even the host looks like a 2006 douchebag. No offense man.

  • dice1331

    Damn samsung! I was thinking of buying note 8 then you announce on-screen fingerprint scanner would be added to note 9?? I don't want to wait a full year for that

  • MFizzle777

    Apple was never gonna be the first to create touch ID under the screen as they wait for someone else to do it, steal it and call it their innovation!

  • vector313

    no headphone jack = im not buying that schitt


    ATT pieces of shit for locking down S8 Active still

  • Elastic Nekkizilla

    Yass i love the front facing speaker i admit note 8 is better but i love the pixel phones 💞💞💞

  • dany manchster

    and they say Samsung is innovator. the biggest proof that they follow apple is their commitment to screen embedded touch ID is only strong IF Apple does it. so much for innovation and pushing boundaries.

  • John Jurmu

    Dual front facing speakers. Awesome. No head phone jack? Nope, Samsung get my money this time.

  • Rashid Khan

    my i phone 7plus i cloud loked please help me

  • M-Chop Beats

    Looking like the nexus 6p all over again

  • Tim Possible

    Google pixel had that title for a short period but the iPhone 7 Plus was never tested by the same entity that gave the pixel that title.

  • Arix S

    Too much top and chin pixel2 tsk.

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