Should I upgrade my iPhone 6 to iPhone 6S to run iOS 11? iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S

So you have an iPhone 5, 5S or maybe a 6 and your wondering if iOS 11 will be too big a mouthful for your device and maybe you should upgrade? So should you get the 6 or the 6S, and will that…


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  • Ale Leiva

    I will stay on iOS 10.3.3, the last stable and fluid version for iPhone 6, if i update, it will happen the same thing as when i update my classic iPhone 4S to iOS 9 back in 2015, Apple is best known to "kill" the old devices, and it seems that iOS 11 didn't bring nothing new to the iPhone 5S or 6; should i update mi iPad Air 2 or stay in iOS 10?

  • iCrackr

    All 1GB RAM 64 bit iPhones and iPod do not update

  • N 10SZ

    Why would ios11 be a handful for any device that has more than 1 gb of RAM? It is not like the OS does 3D VR, why is it so heavy?

  • Krzysztof Penczek

    Why there is no iPhone 6 plus vs 6s plus test running iOS 11

  • Piotr Jankowski

    still waiting for iphone 7.. zzz

  • Gaurav Chauhan

    Plz compare iphone 6 on ios 10 vs iphone 6s ios 11

  • Aleksey Telichko

    Наконец то!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • 徐在文

    Love this video 😊

  • PureKEK

    Wow the difference is so obvious. I wish i could go back to ios 9.3.5 for my iphone 6 🙁

  • Jorge Martinez

    The 6 would be faster with the nvme memory and 2gb, I don’t know why apple doesn’t make a new edition of the 6 with that now that they are releasing this phone again in some markets, it’d be a perfect low tier iPhone and many people would consider buying it

  • Даниел Пенев

    the nvme storage on the 6s is slaying.

  • Stepthen Chan

    I think this video is so considerate for the users of 6, but without watching this the answer is so obvious lol

  • addictedtoplaying

    iPhone 6 so slooow, need to swap to LG G6 asap

  • Charles Barkley

    U need better sutbtitles they're shite mate

  • Dich Dealer

    iphone 6, get ready, next year a piece of worthless shit will become you

  • Mabirc

    I think iPhone 6S and SE are still going to be snappy for atleast until next year

  • Ahmed Belkhir

    I'm interested in seeing iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 running iOS 11, since they were extremely close speed wise when running ios 10.

  • Amos Y

    Yes you definitely should upgrade to 6s. Much better than iPhone 6 in performance

  • - -

    I will stay on 10
    iOS 11 is the start of the iPhone 6 fall

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